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 Administrative Support

Our Administrative Support Practice Manager has over 30 years’ civil service experience in the public sector managing an administrative support department.  As a GS-11, she successfully managed a major records operation and statistical database and was responsible for over 57 employees. Her staff was all subject to a Collective Bargaining Agreement and she worked very effectively with the union. 

She has been a Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) for a non-personal services contract, responsible for monitoring contractor performance and reviewing contractor invoices.  She developed statements of work (SOW) for new contracts and completed technical reviews on contracts.  She determined the cause and made recommendations for appropriate corrective and/or preventative measures to the Contracting Officer in the event of contractor delay, or failure to perform.  These experiences give her an in depth understanding of what is expected of a contractor and will help ensure the customers’ expectations are met.  


  • Data Entry
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Retrieving and updating medical records
  • Sorting,Filing, Reception Scheduling and other administative activities

    We have extensive experience operating under the auspices of Collective Bargaining Agreements.